Andre Diurno BLOG: First and foremost thank you for taking time to visit my page

Some general ‘ABOUT’ bits from me

Ive been training since the age of 20. Ive always had a big interest in fitness and I have been in the industry for over ten years now

I have competed in powerlifting and Athletics to a high level

I founded my own personal training gym in 2014 after working in private, corporate and commercial gyms

Fitness Evolution hosts Personal Trainers, Massage Therapists and two successful bootcamps as well as classes and a private gym membership base

As a gym we have worked in education with local schools and colleges, completed many charity events and made some pretty well recognised body transformations with our clients

Personally I enjoy all types of training. I love a good challenge and I generally tend to commit 100% to anything I put my hand to. Run, Jump, Lift, Move….My current training is very performance based, Ā strength & conditioning daily but with being more ‘mature’ and experienced in training, I will generally programme things in daily that I enjoy and want to do. A lot less serious to my days on track

I am also the self proclaimed ‘Best DAD in the World’

-Andre Diurno