Coaching PD

Hey Guys,

I’m back with a new BLOG!

Time has flown by and we have achieved so much throughout 2019.

I have looked back at my notes and I feel we have really accomplished a lot; its been a breakthrough year for myself and FEVO.

I want to deep dive into talking about coaching today.

First up, I love coaching! Its my passion. I have been a Personal Trainer for over 10 years now and PT is what got me to where I am today.

I started out in a small private gym and have grown to owning my own fitness business, FEVO! A private fitness facility on the outskirts of Andover, Hampshire.

We house 8 members of staff, 7 PTs and 1 Massage Therapist.

With my day-to-day I have kind of stumbled into spending a lot of time with PTs, helping them to develop their business; over time this has lead to me unlocking a hidden passion for personal development. I invest in my own PD but also to the point that I want to teach it and aspire to run my own workshops, courses etc. This is something I am currently working on.

So to the topic of coaching. I somewhat feel that I am now coaching personal trainers to become better personal trainers, if that makes sense LOL.

I love PT, I still actively PT and I will continue to do so ( My plan is to do this into my 50’s) Well – that’s my visualisation in my head! That all may change as time goes on.

Coaching PTs feels right to me. It feels like I have levelled up, and it’s something I wake up daily and think about first thing. I have the same fire to coach and work in personal development as I first had when I qualified as a PT many years ago!

Coaching PD feels like a natural progression for me and I am at a stage where I have dipped my toe in the water but not yet fully immersed myself in this.

Arguably this could be due to a loss of focus, self doubt and procrastination – I will openly admit that. As an example I have been writing content for a long time now but haven’t released anything for fear that it’s not good enough!

Would you believe it, the same things I work on with PTs, I am failing at myself! I think anything new, any new process, any movement outside of your comfort zone, no matter how well-equipped you may be, there is always a degree of discomfort going into the unknown. Maybe I have been overthinking, maybe making excuses, I do not know….

What I do know is that I want to get this right. Just like I have helped 100s of people get fit, healthy and in shape over the years, I want to implement the right frameworks and infrastructure to nail the personal development world.

I’ve felt so empty and quite pissed off in all honesty, by how poor the standards are of SOME of the PTs you see in operation around the UK; the lack of care, the poor level of PT, low standards and over-confidence B.S – its made me feel like:

A) I can help these people.

B) I have something to offer that will change this B.S.

And we haven’t even got to the business side of it yet! Guys, most PT courses don’t even touch on the real world stuff.

Some of the courses out there now qualify people in a matter of weeks but don’t prepare them for running a fitness business which, needless to say, makes them legitimate PTs (all this stuff takes time and continuous input). I appreciate most newly qualified PTs are not expected to know everything straight away – I certainly didn’t, and had to learn from my own mistakes. We all know it’s far easier to learn from someone else’s mistakes though!

This also brings me to the experiences I have had in my own gym.

In 5 years I calculate that we have had 11 PTs come and go! Most of them completely useless. By this I mean falling into Personal Trainer mistake 101:

Thinking that because you train hard in the gym yourself, this gives you an automatic ticket to  being a successful PT.

In fact it’s completely the opposite! These type of people I have dealt with first-hand are all arrogant, egotistical and their business falls down as they are more involved in themselves than their clients. Clients pick up on this very quickly and up pops a ‘Game Over’ sign…..

Normally this is followed with the so- called trainers making excuses about the fitness industry.

My favourite: “Theres no money in the fitness industry”.

So aside from my little sub-rant there, it’s really not unfair to say this:

If you sat me down in a room and put a gun to my head and asked, as a percentage, how much really poor, low level PT’ing I have witnessed in your time, I’d answer 80%+.

(Guys, please note I have worked all over the country and visited gyms around the world.)

Harsh? No – fair.

Late, not in uniform, no session planning, poor content, bad body language, on the bloody phone, poor organisation, over-priced and under-delivered, no booking system, no idea about how to structure a consult, winging it, blah blah blah the list goes on and on…

This all leads to coaching….Someone can help to put this right, and that person is me…..

My duty is to seek out people who want to develop, who are unsure, have unanswered questions and FitPros who feel they need help to progress to a higher level.

I need to use this energy to educate, add value and deliver results.

I’ve run focus groups, I set up my first PT Mastermind class and I have developed 6 PTs from office jobs to full-time trainers in under 12 months.

My biggest win is taking a 17-year-old college student to a position where he is earning £45k+ by his 19th birthday!

I haven’t gone looking for this; it has found me.

At 35, I am still fired up daily by this industry. My message is the same and always very clear. I WANT TO HELP!

Through exploring and finding my way in the PD World, I am now on a new journey, the next chapter and something that I am excited about!

The results I have had are from merely dipping my toe into this, as I said earlier on the blog.

Taking a few hints from socials, I have now built a team to help me take this to the next level.

I have set myself some personal goals, one of which is to deliver my Podcast, The Fitness Umbrella live at an auditorium to a live audience, as a paid event.

I’m the teacher and the student at the same time. It’s a nice space to be in! I encourage you guys to try it sometime.

So thats where I am at guys. That’s my energy right now. I want to COACH the COACH, I want to enter into Personal and Business Development and I want to offer a service that is done correctly which helps to eliminate some of what I have mentioned above.

Over the last year I have visited business expos, hired a mentor and attended a couple of Personal Development days. I’ve built two new websites, set up a new IG Account and spent nights locked away writing content.

I’ve used the guys at FEVO as guinea pigs, I’ve worked remotely with two trainers and developed their business to a high level with systems which work and make their lives more efficient.

I’ve read, I’ve studied and I have followed people who I feel can help me.

I’ve introduced things into my life that have exposed vulnerabilities and I have worked hard at being a better and more complete person.

Now its time to share this…..

Thank you so much for reading; this is like a therapy to me.

Whilst I am not blogging as much as I would like to, mainly because Audio and Video are better for my business, I do enjoy writing, it feels good for my peace of mind.


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