How’s its going people? 2019…..

Hello people! Happy New Year

Are you all fired up?

2019 is heating up nicely for me. First training week complete, goals

set and now I’m actively out there and getting to it.

Starting a new year has always been something I’ve found interesting. A celebrated event, a turn off time, a new calendar which means a new chapter.

What better time to look at your life, evaluate and reset?


I’ve set myself some goals in the gym to achieve alongside some professional goals and this year I’m putting a lot of emphasis on my family and the time we spend together.

The back end of 2018 I heavily invested in my personal development and some of my learning outcomes allowed me to see things more clearly, improve my mindset and have more confidence and belief in myself and what I am aiming to achieve in the fitness industry.

I think this momentum has been carried forward to this year and for me it’s all about continuing along that line. My journey goes on, and I want to add to everything I learned and implemented last year.

I don’t have anything huge listed on my paper for 2019; I want sustainability and tighter systems within my business, I want to improve on my judgement of character particularly when letting people into my fitness business and I’m putting lots of time into my language and internal dialogue. Top of my list is removing distraction or any unwanted people from my life.

These are all things I’ve been working on over the last few months

I am happy! I love where my business is at right now. I have more freedom and flexibility than ever and I’ve worked step by step in achieving this or, more so, positioning myself where I am now.

I have worked hard on not overdoing things and just focusing on what I am good at – rewarding my loyal clients and maintaining high levels of customer service. I’m excited to see how things progress this year.

I have listed the mandatory body comp goals, wanting to be bigger, stronger and leaner than ever. BUT, the real thing for me right now is family & future!

My business is on an upwards trajectory but needless to say I have much more I am wanting to achieve with FEVO and my coaching practice.


That’s a bit about me and where I am at! I’ve been doing lots of reading and I can recommend:

Grant Cardone:

The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure


Mark Manson: The subtle art of not giving a fck


Ant Middleton et al. : SAS: Who Dares Wins: Leadership Secrets from the Special Forces

Three books I’ve recently completed which all had good take-home messages and improved learning results.

Now to you guys, I hope you’re all fired up for this year and have set out your goals for the next 12 months. A good thing to do. Have something visual. Have a timeline to work towards and put systems in place that make you accountable.

(I’ve recently done a podcast on this)

If you’re a ‘New year New me’ person, good on you! Don’t let anyone piss on your fire.

And if you’re new to the gym then simply be consistent with your training; take the fastest route by investing in yourself.

Do not settle for a piece of cardboard with a back-handed programme on it. Hire professional help, question everything, trial and error but most of all enjoy what you have set out to do.

Combine the above with a sound nutrition approach and you will achieve something great!

Remember to check out my new nutrition programme:

‘The New Rules of Eating’

Email me if you would like a copy!

To conclude, go out there and work hard for what you want. Don’t get distracted, and keep reminding yourself of the goals you have set. The same energy you have in January needs to remain the same come December!

If you need any help or advice please feel free to connect with me:

If you are local to Andover please feel free to pop into my private gym, FEVO and see how I or one of my team can help you!


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