Starting 2018

Hey Guys,

Time for another blog. It’s been a while and I’ve been super busy.

I have had an extremely busy Christmas and New Year period, with my Fitness Weekender selling out, and planning for next months PT Focus Group. I’m also training hard with my own goals for 2018, so right now it feels like it’s all go but equally an enjoyable and exciting time.

I have taken on 4 new clients in the January period and the evening bootcamp has almost doubled in size. We are also now welcoming our 5th full-time PT to the Gym. Welcome Jenny!

The gym has been predictably busy, with new members and existing members working hard towards their goals, and the atmosphere has been great. It feels like the best balance at Fevo that we have ever had.

On that note, I think the new year is great time to review your life, your systems and your goals. Scrap this “new year new you” bullshit but absolutely use the downtime and the change of calendar to break yourself down and then put yourself back together. Emerge refreshed, ready to go and full of a positive energy flow.

New ideas, new goals and new yearly objectives. Whatever route you take, have a systematic approach and set yourself set tasks to complete each of your goals.



A1. A2. A3 etc until you get to B. E.g.:

A1. Can simply be making an enquiry to a Gym or Fitness class.

A2. Can be going out and buying the appropriate clothing and footwear etc.

and you keep going that way until the task tick list is complete and you hit B. In this case B was an example short-term goal of signing up to a fitness regime.

Lots of you may already be in a position whereby you have already implemented the above and you are cracking on with it. If so – brilliant.

I would like to challenge you though regardless of your position!

I’m a believer in the need to have the same energy and enthusiasm that you have in January, in June time…. You have to keep that fire burning, plan well, understand that you may fall off track but have the passion and desire to see it through. By June time people have been or are planning to take a summer break; the weather can be a factor in people falling off the wagon or becoming distracted from the gym, just as holidays and other factors can.

So set yourself a review date at a time that suits you – go all-out and see where you are at, when that date arrives.

Remember: Systems and Strategies.

Good luck people; have a great year ahead.

The desire to move yourself forward always has to outweigh any negative energy that you feel may hold you back….

-Andre Diurno

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