Be Realistic?

Review your results with reality….

Last week I had a client in for a nutrition consultation. We were having a chat and I was following normal procedure. Taking notes, asking questions and building an idea around my client and our plans.

My client – who, may I add, is in her early 50’s – reported that she was unhappy with her 10k times (running) and that her times were nowhere near to where they used to be.
Other variables were thrown into the mix of the conversation and we moved on.

I came out with something that made a very good thought for a blog; basic, simple but sometimes I think we may overlook it.

‘Review your Results with Reality’….

Take a minute to think about what that really means to you. It’s not just a load of old waffle.

First and foremost, if you are up and active three or more times per week, you are in a healthy statistic grouping and considered ‘elite’ by government standards. Give yourself a pat on the back.

Second in line. Don’t be afraid to congratulate yourself and take time to reflect on your achievements and what you have done, rather than ponder on the “what ifs” and “buts”. I work with so many people that are quite hard on themselves and I think most PTs will have this with their clients. After all, these are the people we are working with who care about, and have invested in, their health and wellbeing.

Sometimes we can be hard on ourselves.

Remember – we are all in the gym for one reason or another and it normally comes down to roughly the same motivations, doesn’t it? Or thereabouts….
Another thing I point out to clients is “If you hadn’t started this, where would you be now?” Maybe on the slippery slope to doing nothing? All things to consider – right?

In summary, just be realistic. Read, listen, learn and practice. Get to grips with reality, with your goals and with what your body can do. Do not overthink or put too much pressure on yourself, and work towards your goals in small segments over time.

Some people who stand in front of me don’t have that sort of reality. They may not know or understand what is achievable. And they are not expected to. I get that – and it’s part of my job to help break it down and put a plan in place.

Equally, don’t be a moron. You have to ‘learn’ your body. Give me a pound for every time I have watched someone in the gym nearly kill themselves trying something which is way of out their reach. Is it ignorance or merely plain stupidity. I don’t know, but that’s a discussion for another day….

If it’s in your own practice, use a system. Make a goal. Ask yourself if it sounds and feels realistic. Put a timeframe in place and go for it. The better you get, the harder it becomes. But that’s the fun – right?

It was once said to me;

‘Rome wasn’t built in a day but when it fell, it burned in one’

Have a great week people.

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