Fresh in the game. The college lads….

Yes…. Taking time out and re-joining a commercial gym has not only shown me what I have definitely not missed, but also what I have.

First and foremost, yes – as a gym owner it is ok to visit other gyms (unless you are one of those self-righteous morons who think they are above the world…)

It’s always nice to visit new gyms and try out equipment that we don’t have at ours. Plus, getting a change of scenery and seeing some fresh faces is never a bad thing. It also takes away the serious edge of my own sessions. It feels good for the mind and the body. Don’t be afraid to change your environment; you may even learn something new!

Being a gym rat myself I love getting involved – general gym chat; talking ‘shop’ with people to help each other get the sesh done. I would also say I am very observant when training. I’m a people-watcher; I think that comes with the territory in my job.

So, recently, I was mid-session when I came across a group of young lads, presumably college students. They were hitting a back session and the talk was about TUT (time under tension) training. TUT is centred around making the muscle work under continuous tension and control, increasing muscle fascia uptake. Basically – making gains.

Obviously they have been taught this and for all their wrongs and rights it was refreshing to see. How far people have come with their general knowledge and training application since I started out – this is what it’s about!

One of the lads wanted to engage in conversation, which brought me into the group after my set of walking lunges. I got stuck in and we had a general chat. I refrained from giving away my position as a PT, but I did share some knowledge bombs which were well received. They even earned me a couple of follows o .

I was complimentary of them and what they were aiming to do. I offered some advice after profiling them, and simply went down to their level of chat. I wasn’t trying to impress them or over-complicate things and clearly they felt comfortable in my company. I gave them a few pointers and exercises to try, along with some basic cues to tighten up their posture and before you knew it, they were pumped!

We talked all things gym, and I feel I added value to their gym game. And that, ladies and gents, is what it’s all about! Everyone is equal and it’s good to share.
These lads were left with a few things to work on, it broke up my day and there was nothing but positives to draw from the experience – on both sides.

As a sub-point, yeah… I feel old. It took me back. These lads attended the same college as I did and there is an innocence at that age in the gym environment. It’s all about what protein shake is best and “how much can you bench press?” In line with this, it’s very easy to make quick progress at that age.
We all started out once. I remember the day I started out in the gym. The tools that were available to me were very limited, and things have made some massive progressions since then. I think this runs in line with society. Too many people are quick to criticise without offering help or solutions. A few minutes out of my day, a bit of value added to a bunch of lads in the gym, and it makes us all feel better.

Don’t be that old grunter on the treadmill hating on people….and certainly don’t be Mr. Perfect Form. No one likes you guys. Make some time for people and see what you get back?

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