Why Bootcamp?

The gym has been running now for just over three years. Nearly a year ago to date we decided to launch a bootcamp…may I add, something that I was originally against.
I decided to team up with my now business partner Andreas Beirne and we created ‘Evo Bootcamp’
A 3-day-a-week AM Bootcamp, two sessions a morning from 0530-0655. We kept an open mind and agreed we would just see how it went…
A year on and we have sixty odd BC members that are all getting some pretty sound results and it feels like we have built a community within the gym.
We identified that in our geographic no one was offering what we can offer; experience and expertise in a top training facility with killer workout ideas that get people up and active all before 7am.
But is that the real reason the Bootcamp has been a success?
Bottom line: people can’t argue with raw results. Inch loss, weight loss, reduction in body fat, increased performance output and so on.
But I don’t think that’s top of the agenda with our members. We have offered a fun solution to exercising, a good social event and something that people can manage to fit into their lifestyle. Most have children, work commitments and live a busy day-to-day life.
Bootcamp becomes a box-ticker. It’s fun and affordable and what gives me the biggest job satisfaction besides offering good workouts and motivating the team, is watching people grow in confidence, develop and show appreciation for the work that we are putting in for them.
Getting the results is the key to the long game with the bootcamp. People love a good body transformation story and it’s great to see people change and do well, but in my time with running bootcamp it has allowed me to learn a lot about myself and the ‘bigger picture’.
For many years I have focused predominantly on one2one personal training. As a trainer I would say I’m more of an analytical trainer who takes a thorough approach. Stats, figures, goal-setting, regular updates and check-ins etc. Not a bad thing at all, however I have come to the realisation that not everyone wants that. Clients want it to be fun, not so serious, not baffled with knowledge. It seems the results and real reasons for having a PT are just by-products? Or is it just clever to create a great relationship and make people feel comfortable, which in turn speeds up the results process?
They say it’s easier for us to learn through play, and that’s exactly what we are allowed to create with a bootcamp. It’s not tailored, it’s not performance-based. At best it’s a structured workout with a clear outcome.
It has to be fun, delivered at a fast pace and offer people a good workout that they can manage at their own level of ability.
We are lucky that our BC instructors are experienced and can put their own creative twist and programming on each session – and the way we format each camp offers variation alongside the-fight or-flight feeling in each session which makes people feel accomplished and part of something special.
And that’s exactly what it is……
We are also lucky that at Fevo Gym, I have worked hard to create a functional fitness arena. Fevo has the exclusivity that a personal training studio offers, the flexibility that a private gym allows and the raw approach to training application that a CrossFit box provides.
We are exposing our BC members to different training methodologies, breaking down barriers and, if truth be told, many of them are surprising themselves.
Other AM fitness outlets in our area have clearly identified what we are doing and have shown the biggest compliment to myself and Andreas by trying to replicate what we are doing. Things are popping up, similarities are being shown and living in a small town people often like to report back to us.
For the record – we don’t care. We are advocates of concentrating on ourselves, making our service the best it can be and moving our world forward.
People know what is what and as I have said in my previous BLOG it’s about self-progression and ‘doing you’. A message I will send to any aspiring personal trainer.
Fevo is set to launch a PM Bootcamp for late October as a natural growth and we are also exploring other ideas to get more people up and active.
Thank you to everyone who has been involved to date. We are loving what we do and it makes getting up at 0430 worthwhile
In my years in the industry I have never worked with such a motivated and committed bunch of people who – may I add – show a huge respect and appreciation to myself and the other instructors for what we do.
I hope you have enjoyed the bootcamp chat.
For more information and bookings on upcoming bootcamps you can contact me at:
-Andre Diurno

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