Why I came to the game

First blog, starting out…Where to start?

Ok so I have been contemplating for a while as to whether a blog would be a good idea. In short I want to air and share my views, ideas and anything I feel that is helpful to the fitness community.

I am considering routes of mentoring personal trainers and other business twists however my main reason for writing is to generally share knowledge and information with people. Something I am big on and an never ending journey I have put myself on with respect to personal development and progression within my current practice.

I feel a blog is a more tasteful approach to get my message across. I have been playing around with Instagram stories to promote and showcase my daily routines and life patterns but its only been through rubbing shoulders with other fit pros that has inspired me to get this going.

I am sure in time I may also release a YouTube Channel but for now this is what I feel more comfortable with

Over the weeks and months my plan is to write a themed blog, be real, have a moan and pin point the good and the bad with fitness or anything related to it and to perhaps give some positive thoughts to my clients and gym members.

I feel with my current business right now, a personal training gym and bootcamp, piecing some words together will help to reach out and hopefully motivate and inspired the people I stand in front of on a weekly basis

I absolutely love a good laugh and generally live day by day with ‘enjoyment’. Enjoyment of what I do and the people I am around…..However in line with this I want to publish written articles to put my message across and talk of my ten or so years in the fitness game and let my writing be the more ‘serious’ side of me…

I want to feel like I am helping people and its only been recently where several life events have happened and close friends of mine have pointed things out to me, making me realise that in my position training and coaching people daily, with that comes a certain amount of responsibility.

As a PT your clients trust and believe in you and if you are doing things correctly they will be implementing your systems to the T. The way you want them to think, understand and activate all comes down to your systematic approach as a coach or PT. For me its not about being the best but more so open, willing to learn and remembering the relationship between client and trainer is equal but respect needs to be earned on both sides of the coin.

With that said I have probably overlooked the fact that a lot of my clients have a huge respect and feel a sense of belonging to me. Having sixty odd people on a morning bootcamp who all need direction and guidance, general nutrition and lifestyle support, it has to be more than the odd message or PDF you are sending out. I want to share everything I have and change as many people as I can in the time that I have.

Recently I spoke to a Jiu Jitsu Coach who told me; ‘Why have the knowledge of a gold fish when you can have the knowledge of a great white shark’. You have to get out in the ocean and find it.


-Andre Diurno



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