Coaching PD

Hey Guys, I’m back with a new BLOG! Time has flown by and we have achieved so much throughout 2019. I have looked back at my notes and I feel we have really accomplished a lot; its been a breakthrough year for myself and FEVO. I want to deep dive into talking about coaching today. […]

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Starting 2018

Hey Guys, Time for another blog. It’s been a while and I’ve been super busy. I have had an extremely busy Christmas and New Year period, with my Fitness Weekender selling out, and planning for next months PT Focus Group. I’m also training hard with my own goals for 2018, so right now it feels […]

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Be Realistic?

Review your results with reality…. Last week I had a client in for a nutrition consultation. We were having a chat and I was following normal procedure. Taking notes, asking questions and building an idea around my client and our plans. My client – who, may I add, is in her early 50’s – reported […]

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When Motivation Travels

Changing things up has had a knock-on effect When I left the world of athletics, I found that there was something missing. The feeling of competing and being on the start line of a 100m dash knowing you have your work cut out is a feeling that only those who have competed will understand. Athletics […]

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Why Bootcamp?

The gym has been running now for just over three years. Nearly a year ago to date we decided to launch a bootcamp…may I add, something that I was originally against. I decided to team up with my now business partner Andreas Beirne and we created ‘Evo Bootcamp’ A 3-day-a-week AM Bootcamp, two sessions a […]

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Why I came to the game

First blog, starting out…Where to start? Ok so I have been contemplating for a while as to whether a blog would be a good idea. In short I want to air and share my views, ideas and anything I feel that is helpful to the fitness community. I am considering routes of mentoring personal trainers […]

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